First look at second episode of WOW on AXS TV


Last Friday, Women of Wrestling (WOW) debuted their first episode of the season on AXS TV, marking their return to network television for the first time since 2001.

The premiere episode was a success, with fans and critics expressing their eagerness for more episodes of WOW.

This season, Tessa Blanchard, the former Impact Knockouts Champion and legacy, makes her debut on WOW for their fifth season, and it’s clear from the first episode, Blanchard will play a huge part in the title landscape. As seen in the above video promo, Blanchard is out for WOW Champion Santana Garrett‘s blood.

Ahead of their second episode, set to air Friday, Jan. 25 at 9 p.m. EST, WOW and AXS TV released a first look at Tessa Blanchard’s backstory and official in-ring debut. In the video, Blanchard aims to refute the claim that she’s only in wrestling because of her family, stating that as a “born legend”, she still has to “back it up.”

“If people get in my way, I steamroll through them,” Blanchard says. “Here at WOW, I want that Championship.

Blanchard can also be seen in the video in ring fighting The Beverly Hills Babe, Amber O’Neal.

Take a peek at the first look below:

Diva Dirt will return will full coverage of this week’s upcoming episode. Check back for news throughout the fifth season.

Did you watch the first episode of WOW? Will you return for more, this week?


  1. “Your father won’t be the only one needing oxygen once I’m done with you.”

    I would argue that Tessa is the best heel in woken’s wrestling right now. People may say Becky but her whole direction is off because WWE can’t accept that the fans enjoy heels for being heels.

    • She’s definitely up there and she has a likable personality or atleast character from what I’ve seen. I can get behind it. I live in Austin. I’m thinking I should drive down south where she’s advertised to be to meet her.