Former Divas discuss creative struggles in WWE


Former WWE Divas Molly Holly and Lisa Marie Varon (known as Victoria during her career) shared their experiences with rookie Divas, and what it was like to pitch ideas to the McMahons.

DS Shin of Ring the Belle sat down with the legends to discuss fan-voted top five moments of each woman’s career.

Shin asked Holly and Varon what it was like to work with rookie Divas, after a wave of new talent emerged in the division with no previous wrestling experience. Varon spoke on the expectations Divas were made to uphold, and how they got new talent over.

“It’s a tough sport. I always say to fans that come up to me and want to wrestle, go to college or play golf or something like that. It’s a tough, tough business. Only the tough survive. You’re fighting for your own spot. You have to be thin, you have to be pretty, you can’t wrinkle, you can’t get gray hair, you always have to have a smile on your face.

I think our forte was working with the rookies and making them look good; better than they are. I mean, we would sacrifice our form and everything like that just to make them get the big pop, and people to cheer for them and boo us.”

The former champions also discussed creative struggles women in WWE had to face, and how it felt pitching to the McMahon family.

Varon participated in the first-ever women’s steel cage match, which aired on Raw in November of 2003. She explained how the women wanted to make the match hardcore, but faced discrimination.

“Interesting fact about this gigging. We gig our forehead to bleed sometimes, or we have the ref gig us, or something like that, and I wanted to gig [during the match]. Fit Finlay goes, ‘No, no, no, you’re not allowed to.’ And I go  ‘What? We’re doing a cage match, though.’ You know? We were hardcore at the time. I would never do it now, but at the time I was like, ‘Oh, were so hardcore and we can do anything the guys do.’ We didn’t think it through. I went to Vince to ask him and he goes, ‘No, thank you Victoria for wanting to do it, but no one wants to see a Diva bleed.’

I did tell Lita, ‘Throw me as hard as you can against the cage so I can get color gigging, naturally.’ And I didn’t know how to do it, so I went ‘thunk’ and I got a big knot.”

Molly Holly faced her own creative barriers. Holly faced Victoria at WrestleMania 20 in the infamous “hair match” for the WWE Women’s Championship, with the added stipulation that if Holly lost, she would have to shave her head bald. Victoria won the match.

Holly spoke on how the championship match almost never happened.

“I was the champion, and the writers told me that there was only room for one match, girls’ match, at WrestleMania. They were going to do like a pillow fight, or a mud thing with the Divas. I was like, what? Like, I’m the champ and I don’t get to defend my title at WrestleMania? I was really devastated, so I thought, ‘I’ve got to come up with something that makes them change their minds.’

So, I put a bald cap on and had my photo taken. Then I made a booklet with a bunch of different storylines that could go either way, like, with showing my head getting shaved. I presented it to Stephanie McMahon. I presented it to some of the writers, and said, ‘I’m willing to shave my head, can I please be on WrestleMania?’ And sure enough, they came back to me couple days later and said, ‘All right, we’re going to let you get your head shaved at WrestleMania.'”

With the Royal Rumble only a few days away, fans have speculated as to who the remaining nine unannounced women’s Royal Rumble match entrants might be. Varon and Holly are two names that are frequently in the discussion. Varon spells out how WWE returns usually happen.

“It is not my decision. They have to call and invite you. I still do the indies and a lot of signings at Comic Cons. A lot of people think I have a choice. The company has to decide. It’s out of our hands.”

Check out the entire interview with the Divas above, and be sure to visit Ring the Belle’s YouTube channel here.

Watch to see if the legends make an appearance in the women’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday, Jan. 27, live on the WWE Network at 7 p.m. EST.


  1. These women faced a lot of discrimination back to the day and they still pulled through and tried to be as awesome as they were allowed to.
    Will never Forget how they let them redo Matches because they weren’t “Diva like” and because nobody wanted them to oushine any males on the roster.
    I hope Victoria goes into the Hof this year and that she is also in the Rumble lasting several others. It was a Dream come true to see molly in the Rumble and the battle royal. It would be great to have her having a small title run or as a teammate of someone for the tag titles down the line. Maybe even both of them as a Team? :)

  2. When the interviewer was asking Molly about what it was like being in the Rumble I couldn’t help but look at Victoria, the woman’s absolutely gutted. Hoping by some miracle she pops up on Sunday but I doubt it. Sad.

    • Varon is wrestling Melina Perez tonight at MCW in Maryland. She also confirmed on Instagram Live Wednesday this match means she won’t be at the Rumble & WWE hasn’t requested her return. She assumes her career will end without another match in WWE & is OK with it.

  3. The way Molly and Lisa spoke about Kelly warmed my heart. People always give Kelly so much [email protected] call her a slvt (because its easier to believe Randy Orton the person that shoots fireworks at cars, sh|7s in bags and make you hold his d|ck when you meat him )or that she couldnt wrestle while during 2011/2012 she had some of the best matches of the divas division and she has defeated 18 different female superstar during her run which means she could work a match with everyone. She was the only girl that could touch the level of Trish’s popularity up until Becky, Sasha, Charlotte and Ronda got there.

    Honestly WWE should start including 2 women each year and this year they should be Victoria and Molly.

  4. You can tell how bad Victoria wants to be apart of and acknowledged by the WWE still. They can be so shady and immature, smh. Hopefully she gets a spot in the Royal Rumble.

    Love Molly! Would literally do anything for her to have one more run.

  5. So much respect for these two. I’ve made it no secret how much I love Molly. The girl had it all. The only problem was, she didn’t fit the mold the company was looking for at that time so she never really got the good storylines or the limelight. Plus, I think that her packaging was bland. It was a very “filler talent” brand that just happens to belong to an extremely gifted talent. Had the company invested more on her, the “revolution” would’ve happened a long time ago.

    • It’s been said that Molly would have done better if she had taken more of a Daniel Bryan/Chris Benoit “I am the best wrestler in this company!” approach to her character and strove to have the best match on the card, damn the consequences.

      I hate to say it, but she was never going to be a big star. She was too humble, too modest and too willing to let other people shine at her expense to be a big star herself.

  6. Im glad 2 of the most talented ladies from that era pretty much confirmed life sucked as a female superstar back then before the whole revolution. Yet I don’t understand why most of diva dirt or some IWC people keep on saying “Women’s division sucks nowadays, I miss the old days”

    Im I the only who expected Kelly Kelly to be a 5-8 times champ? Because they loved her to death?

    • Sadly this community is filled with fake womens wrestling fans. The truth is the only thing they care about is the Diva type girls and their outfits, their poses and their sass.
      Thats why they keep hating on the current group of girls, for not wanting to do that kind of stuff and they say they are being disrespectful towards the past girls when they really are not, they just want to be treated better, which is the same the past girls wanted as we can see here.