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    Final women’s Elimination Chamber tag team revealed

    With just under two weeks before the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view takes place, we finally have every participant announced for the Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match as of this past SmackDown. The latest and last team joining is the team of Carmella and Naomi.

    They were announced as the final entrants in the Chamber earlier tonight on SmackDown Live. Well, “announced” would be a strong word. They were not so much announced as they were just … there. SmackDown Live held a Triple Threat Tag Team Match that was said to feature all three SmackDown teams wrestling in the Elimination Chamber. Naomi and Carmella just so happened to come out.

    Their so-called “announcement” was stranger than the idea of seeing another SmackDown team join the Chamber while all the Raw teams had to qualify. Then again, it’s fitting that their “announcement” would be a strange one when the pairing itself is both random and strange.

    Unless we count the last couple of Survivor Series Elimination Matches and a Six-Woman-Tag from SummerSlam 2016, Naomi and Carmella have never tagged together onscreen. They’ve faced off against each other far more often than they ever tagged together.

    More than anything, considering that there are no other options left on SmackDown’s women’s division (other than Zelina Vega, Lana and SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka), it seems as though Carmella and Naomi were paired together by process of elimination, essentially.

    With that said, that doesn’t mean that the unlikely duo don’t have potential to be something of a sleeper team to win come Feb. 17. After all, they’re both former SmackDown Women’s Champions. They could surprise us as a tag team by having a strong outing in the Chamber.

    They join Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, Tamina and Nia Jax, Sasha Banks and Bayley, The IIconics and The Riott Squad in challenging for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

    What do you think? Yay or nay on pairing the Staten Island Princess with Slayomi? Comment below.

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