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Chyna wanted to apologize to WWE before her death

Yesterday on Twitter, a video of Joanie Laurer surfaced where she discussed how she wanted to apologize to WWE. Rob Potylo, who runs Chyna‘s official Twitter page, posted the video on his account.

Joanie recorded the video just two months before her untimely passing in 2016. In the video she said, “One of the things that I’ve been having difficulty with still is my communication with the WWE … I would like to just be able to do this privately where I can atone and say I’m sorry for the things that I’ve done. And I do, I feel bad about having said certain things under duress and pain and things that I haven’t resolved privately and that’s all I wanna do.”

It is no secret that Chyna had some ups and downs between herself and WWE over the years. They didn’t take too kindly to her stint in adult films which is one of the numerous reasons why she has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Chyna was a true pioneer in what is now known as intergender wrestling. She held the Intercontinental Title twice and was the first women to enter the Men’s Royal Rumble.

She is extremely deserving of being inducted into the Hall of Fame and so wanted to be forgiven by WWE for her troubled past. Just this past December, her mother pleaded on Facebook to allow her daughter the postmortem accolade.

She said, “As many of you know, yesterday would have been Joanie’s (Chyna’s) birthday. I truly appreciate all of the messages and remembrances of her that were posted by so many of you. As you can imagine, it’s always a very sad day for me. But it helps a lot to know how many people remember her and loved her. It’s one of the worst things in the world to lose a child. We HAVE to get her into the WWE hall of fame. She richly deserves to be there. WWE – LISTEN UP and do what’s right for Chyna!! You owe her that for what she did for you and women’s wrestling. She earned her place there. And it’s long overdue.”

Do you think Chyna deserves to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame? Comment and tell us.

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