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The biggest winners of the 2019 Elimination Chamber


Every fan of women’s wrestling in the WWE won tonight. The Chamber match, while a bit sloppy, delivered. All the teams; Fabulous Glow, The IIconics, The Samoan Slaughterhouse, Fire and Desire, The Boss and Hug Connection and The Riott Squad, all deserve a hand. They all had their moments to shine.

Loved the pinfall cover from The IIconics to Naomi, as well as seeing them get ragdolled against the chains and providing comic relief. Fabulous Glow had stereo cross bodies and Naomi’s springboard Rear View. Nia crashing through that bulletproof – but not body proof – lexan pod. They gave us something worthwhile, topping last year’s Chamber match.

That speech by Sasha rang true. The women worked hard. You could hear the emotion. Sasha cried, Bayley cried, I cried, fans on Twitter cried, Graves, Renee and Beth all cried. It was huge. The fans of women’s wrestling won last night, but the thing is we must support our women to keep them winning. It was the fans who sparked the “revolution”, not the office. Keep demanding better.

Also, congratulations to Maryse, who is expecting her second child with The Miz. Well wishes to Ronda, who after making quick work out of Ruby Riott took a nasty shots to the head with Becky’s crutch and may need stitches. And this isn’t WWE-related, but huge shoutout to Tessa Blanchard and Taya who started off our women’s wrestling weekend right with with an incredible street fight on Impact Wrestling.

What were your takeaways? Fire off in the comments below!

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