Rusev and Lana launch new YouTube channel


Rusev and Lana launched a new YouTube channel yesterday. The channel was initially created in 2012 as a place to showcase Lana’s acting reels, but the couple re-branded the channel following the news they would be taken off Total Divas.

The two plan to release “a lot of different series” on the page, including a vlog. Interestingly, the channel is under their real names, C.J. & Miro Barnyashev, which will surely play into rumors surrounding their status with WWE.

This also comes in the aftermath of their frustrations with their portrayal on and recent departure from Total Divas. On a recent episode of Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Lana spoke candidly about resentment towards the creative process, which she believes caused a disconnect with fans of the show.

“In edit, they can do whatever they want and that’s out of your control,” Lana said. “If they want to make me look annoying, if I need to play that annoying girl, they’ll do that. But, you know, I understand that that’s what I signed up for and I also understand that when you sign up for reality TV, you have to be ready to not be perfect. That’s fine, but don’t screw me over when you go, ‘oh, all of a sudden, you’re not liked,’ and it’s because your editors are doing that.”

Wrestlers have used YouTube before to create some buzz, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Could this help them or possibly hinder them? Drop a comment below.


  1. I dont know why, the more I see Lana the more I’m annoyed by her. Her pink wig and her stunt queen tendencies always seem to rub me the wrong way lol. That aside, I hope they find success in this and maybe it’ll translate to a push on tv.

    • Same here the more i seefrom her the more annoying she gets. She will drag down Rusev with her and he has worked his a$$ off since 2010 and not to meantion the struggles he has gone through he has been a taxi driver, a building worker and there was a period he was homeless im not here for some fly too high in the sky flop a$$ girlfriend to ruin it for him. Ive so much respect for him but to see Lana dragging him in the wrong direction like ugh.

    • To imply Lana has no talent is pretty bitchy of you, lol she has presence and can get a reaction from the crowd whenever she wants, let’s not forget how over she used to be. She also improves regularly when given opportunities in the ring.

      • Lana only had a presence as a manager, not a wrestler. Also, I’m not implying that Lana has no talent, I’m stating that Lana is not a talented in ring performer. Last I checked, stating your opinion isn’t being bitchy.

        For the record, liking your own post is pretty pathetic.

        • I don’t think she’s that horrific. With a lot of training she could get to a Lita level, but the problem is she didn’t grow up watching wrestling so if she won’t be able to pick up the ring psychology she has no hope to be a serious competitor on the main roster. I also think making her goofy and dancing and “funny” was the dumbest idea by the WWE. As that ravishing Russian she had such a good BITCH face, strong heel presence and incredible mic skills. They fucked her over with this child-friendly gimmick.

          • I liked Lana character wise as the Ravishing Russian and she definitely needs a lot of training. Getting to the level of Lita though? Not even if she performed for the rest of her life and Lita was hardly an in ring general.

          • To be fair, I don’t think Mandy is doing any better then Lana could have done in the same spot and in the same matches. Mandy has gotten way more opportunities and is being built as an actual wrestling threat so I can see why Lana would be upset at not getting certain opportunities. She would have slashed those backstage segments with Naomi way better then Mandy ever did

          • I kind of agree and disagree at the same time. Lana would probably have been better in the backstage segments, but Mandy whilst still pretty green in ring is miles better than Lana at the wrestling aspect.

          • I’m not ragging on her talent because I don’t like her, I’m criticising her as an in ring performer because Lana seems to think she deserves more of a push when that is clearly not the case. If Lana wants to be a wrestler she should be sent back down to NXT to learn how to do it properly.

  2. I unsubbed from her YT channel one day before she announced that ?. Also i cant see this being Lanas idea. We get dropped from TD so we start our own bootleg version on YT. I can see why Sasha and Summer used the BL2017 Ive always liked Lana in a way and not the way i like the divas but she is sooooo hard to deal with sometimes. Very childlike.

    • I like Lana but I agree. She is very child-like. I feel like that side REALLY comes out when she feels overshadowed or like she’s not getting enough attention on the main roster. But hey, I respect her drive. And you were so right to point out the TD thing, she did probably do this YouTube channel because of getting dropped by TD. lol!

  3. They are definitely going to be release d soon. No doubt about it. He same thing happened to Cameron. Lana is lost in the shuffle and people seem to think that if you keep going and pitching and pitching to creative that you’ll get chances and I honestly feel like it’s the opposite. I think they see it as an insult that you don’t trust their process and it backfires honestly. I remember Sasha saying she would pitch things too and look where she’s been for the past year or so. Having good mic skills, fan reactions and patience seems to net more opportunity. I feel as though if Lana was single, and not married shed have more chances at things. Idk why these girls don’t see that also being in a relationship with a non top tier wrestler doesn’t do any favors Alexa was benefiting before Murphy move to the main roster and they barely saw each other so if she wanted to use her charms she could.

    • I was with you until the last part. Seems like you’re implying that women shouldn’t date/marry another wrestler unless that wrestler is major enough to boost her career. Further, women should be using their “charm” (aka THOT around) to get ahead politically, which is easier if their boyfriend/husband isn’t around?

      Interesting, yet problematic, take on female success in the industry.

  4. I dont mind them doing this. Rusev/Lana Day was a really big thing on SDL and then it just stopped. Of course its going to be upsetting when you go from that to nothing at all. Besides Zack Ryder did the exact same thing, made his own fake championship and won the fans over on his own. I also understand what she means with how the editors of TD make her look on screen but then in her green screen interviews all she talks about how passionate she is about the business and learning and being taken seriously. If anything they’ve made Nattie look so unlikable and petty and childish cause she has a problem with anything Lana does and when something doesn’t go her way she throws a hissy fit. Once that happens everyone has to cater to her and her needs. Besides the show has her labeled as “Lana” and not “CJ Perry” so she has to stay in her Lana role. People dont like “Lana” but have no clue about “CJ Perry”. More power to her and Rusev to do this for themselves