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    10 must-see Paige WWE matches for new fans

    “Fighting With My Family”, the Paige biopic, opened this past weekend. It was a funny and poignant look into Paige’s early years, pro-wrestling, and the story of the Knight family.

    Paige’s ascension from British wrestling staple to a WWE superstar is filled with incredible highs and lows. The movie does a good job telling the finer points of her journey to the main roster, but like any adaptation, it doesn’t have enough time to fill in every single detail of her career.

    The audience gets an idea of what sets apart from her contemporaries, but it mostly revolves around her identity as a woman and less so as a performer. Her experience level comes across, but in order to see how good she really was there is no substitute for seeing the actual matches.

    Still, there is plenty to enjoy for both wrestling fans and moviegoers. Hopefully, the film piqued the interest of non-wrestling fans or newer fans, who aren’t aware of Paige’s run from 2012 to early 2016. If so, here are ten matches worth going back to watch.