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    Becky Lynch thinks the women had the better Rumble match

    In January, we witnessed the second annual Women’s Royal Rumble match. Fans seem to have preferred this year’s women’s match over the men’s. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion and current Royal Rumble winner, Becky Lynch says the women were better.

    From The Sun Sport, Lynch opened up about her feelings from the Royal Rumble. The Man gave kudos to the women, as well as herself. “I’ll say it like it is, the Women’s Rumble was better. We’ve got incredible female athletes at the moment with wonderful characters that people can get invested in and care about. Everybody’s trying to step it up, especially since The Man came around and I love that – I love the competition.”

    On the state of the women’s division, she continues, “I didn’t want anything given to us on a token gesture basis. I wanted it to be earned and to be undeniable. I wanted it to be something the fans wanted – not something the fans were told that they wanted. I wanted it to be organic and that’s what we’re having right now. That makes me more proud than anything.”

    Who do you think showcased a better Royal Rumble match this year? Do you agree with The Man? Let’s discuss this in the comment section below!

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