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Five more wrestlers AEW should sign immediately

All Elite Wrestling have made slow progress with their women’s division as of yet. While the men’s division grows like clockwork, they haven’t yet signed enough women for an eight-person tournament.

Bea Priestley was announced as a new signee on the latest episode of Road to Double or Nothing and while that news is certainly welcome, it’s still concerning how long it’s taking AEW to fill out their women’s roster. I don’t know if the more established companies have just snapped up too many stars in recent years or there are other issues behind the scenes stopping AEW from scooping up more talent.

Either way, it’s an unsustainable situation. We need to hear names. Luckily, I have a few suggestions.

Dean Buckley
Irish wrestling fan, film and TV critic. Follow me on Twitter at @deanfbuckley