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Five more wrestlers AEW should sign immediately

5. Shanna

Shanna has been one of the most consistently overlooked talents in women’s wrestling for her entire career and it’s about time that All Elite put an end to the chicanery and shenanigans and signed her already. She is a classically brilliant wrestler, a strong all-rounder who’s exceptionally versatile, comfortable in the ring with all comers.

The Portuguese Woman of War has been wrestling for over a decade and her work rate has only accelerated in her later years in the ring. A new company will require a mix of youth and experience to build out a solid women’s division, and Shanna is the perfect choice to fill out the veteran side of the equation.

All Elite should obviously give opportunities to up-and-coming talent, but they’d be stupid not to scoop up someone as experienced as Shanna. Almost as stupid as WWE for not already signing her a decade ago!

Dean Buckley
Irish wrestling fan, film and TV critic. Follow me on Twitter at @deanfbuckley