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Five more wrestlers AEW should sign immediately

3. Veda Scott

Veda Scott is easily the best promo in women’s wrestling today, an effortless performer on the mic who can play a sweet babyface as comfortably as a nasty heel. She’s fun and full of personality, and would bring a breath of fresh air into All Elite’s women’s division in its nascent days. She’s also, it should be noted, pretty damn good at wrestling.

Scott is a submission specialist whose excruciating holds make her a credible threat to opponents of any size. Underestimated by fans only familiar with her middling run with Ring of Honor, she’s long overdue a second chance in the spotlight. Her time as a free agent has reached its natural conclusion, now it’s time for the most charismatic woman on the independent circuit to make her mark with All Elite.

Dean Buckley
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