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Jazz reaches huge accomplishment in NWA

20-year veteran Jazz has hit a huge milestone by holding the NWA World Women’s Championship for 900 days. Her most recent title defense was at the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood taping on February 10th. During that taping she defeated Heather Stone.

Jazz first won the championship at NWA Texoma when she defeated Amber Gallows, who had held the belt for 271 days. During her reign, Jazz has locked up with Penelope Ford, Maria Manic,Jordynne Grace and other amazing women.

The veteran dropped out of college to pursue a career as a pro wrestler. Jazz names WWE Hall of Famer, Jacqueline, as her inspiration to get into the ring. She debuted for ECW in 1999 and also went on to have two separate tenures with WWE. While in WWE, she captured the Women’s Championship twice and had feuds with the likes of Mickie James, Trish Stratus and Lita.

Since leaving WWE in 2007, she has wrestled all over the globe for Shimmer, Chikara and Shine to name a few. Jazz can proudly say she has had a tremendous career and continues to impress in the ring.

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Lauren Founds
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