Ronda Rousey says she doesn’t need WWE


Ronda Rousey has been making the news left and right, as of late. They say even bad press is good, but in Rousey’s case, it may not be.

Yesterday, we reported that Rousey is legitimately upset over the heated Twitter exchange between her and Becky Lynch.

This past week on Raw, Rousey laid down the WWE Raw Women’s Championship by Stephanie McMahon‘s feet, and walked off. She had demanded Lynch be added to her WrestleMania match with Charlotte, and was not happy with Stephanie’s “hard no” in response.

In an episode of “Ronda on the Road” filmed after the Raw held in Atlanta, she had some harsh words to say about her career at WWE. The quote below was transcribed by Fightul.

“Thing is, I love this job. I really love this job. I don’t need it at all. Not in the least, little bit. So, the second I’m not happy, I reserve the right to walk out the door and live happily ever after with the love of my life, and The Authority, so they are called in this company, are use to just bullying everyone around, and like I said, they give them just enough for them to live a lavish lifestyle but still have to come back… and I don’t.”

Fans have really started to turn their backs on Rousey, in the last couple of months. Add the exchange with Lynch on social media, and one could read her statement as evidence that the former UFC fighter may be getting a bit overwhelmed.

Readers can check out the entire Fightful article with transcribed quotes here.

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  1. Mkay so why doesn’t she just leave?? Say what you will but her ability to say that just shows the privilege she has. Others like Sasha and Bayley would never say that because despite the horrible booking, they’re doing something they love.

  2. Are y’all on this turn on Ronda campaign? This isn’t the first time she’s said this and it’s all in character plus facts she’s made enough money she doesn’t need WWE all of this is work the guys do this stuff all the time and I’ve never saw this type response i honestly think it’s leading to a heel turn the cocky bigger than life bigger than this company Ronda Rousey that’s long overdue

  3. Lets be real. Ronda was never all that likeable. She was an asshole in UFC until Holm and Nunes humbled her ass, and she relies on her name to automatically entitle her to respect and adoration. UFC and WWE are not the same thing. While she is probably right, she doesn’t need the job, the delivery, yet again, sucked, and this is why fans drag her. They wanted to forget how rank her personality was as long as she produced, and she’s not producing as well as wanted.

  4. The mere fact that she’s addressing the authority should be a huge indicator that this is a work.

    Also…in MOST contracts, there are usually HUGE clauses in terms of not bringing the company you work for into disrepute, there is no way she would publicly be allowed to badmouth the company and it be ok and not have seriously dire consequences.

    Ronda has been perceived as a sweetheart by most if not ALL backstage sources accounts, there’s no way she’s shooting on Becky….she knows exactly what she was getting into.

  5. I don’t know what’s so offensive about her comment. She is right. Whenever she’s not happy, she has the funds to decide to leave. So? Maybe it wasn’t appropriate to publicly put that out there when you’re still under employment with the WWE, but yeah… I feel like people are overreacting.

    • Give a 5 time women’s champion, current longest reigning Raw champion (until Ronda passes her?), first women to win both SD! and Raw titles, and MITB winner a chance?

      Yeah I think Alexa is doing just fine without a hashtag.

  6. I don’t get why the all the hate on her? Idk if she’s just champion (which y’all love to hate) or she’s just fits the mould of an overpushed wrestler…
    i’ve Enjoyed her work so far, she’s decent in the ring… flashy spots, but no other wrestler gets me intrigued like her right now other than Becky and Charlotte and I’m praising Ronda for keeping up.. she shows up on my screens every week, and I’m satisfied…
    I’m probably the 0.1% of wrestling fans that just want simple things and not trying to over exaggerate everything
    This comment section is really boring me… #PraiseTheWomen