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    Alicia Fox might be the reason for Arn Anderson’s release

    A week or so ago, WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling veteran Arn Anderson was released by WWE. At the time, no reason was given as to why the former Horseman was let go after nearly 20 years with the company. However, new details are emerging regarding an incident that might’ve sent Mr. Anderson packing.

    According to a report from Wrestling Inc., the producer was fired from WWE after allowing Alicia Fox to wrestle while intoxicated at a live event. According to the report, Anderson was the agent who produced Fox’s match. Despite seeing that the former Divas Champion was inebriated, he let her wrestle.

    Word eventually got back to the WWE Chairman. Furious, Vince McMahon would fire Arn Anderson on the spot. Apparently, there were other previous issues where Anderson and McMahon butted heads as well, but this last incident was the straw that struck the camel’s back.

    Wrestling Inc. confirmed this to be true with multiple sources close to the WWE. It is also worth noting that following Anderson’s release, Alicia Fox hasn’t been on Monday Night Raw; neither in an onscreen or backstage capacity.

    Stay tuned with Diva Dirt for any further updates regarding Alicia Fox’s status with the company.

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