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Billy Gunn on a solo induction for Chyna in WWE’s Hall of Fame

The news that sent all wrestling fans into a whirlwind of opinions and emotions is that Chyna will finally be inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame. The arguments for how she is being inducted have been rampant ever since the announcement was made. She will be inducted with one of the most popular stables in the company’s history, D-Generation X.

Many fans feel as though she should be inducted individually. Chris Van Vliet recently interviewed Billy Gunn, who touched on the topic of Chyna’s induction.

Van Vliet starts the conversation with the question on what would Gunn say to those people who comment that this is the only way Chyna will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Gunn’s response is, “I say that would be wrong.” He elaborated further as follows:

“Let’s just be happy and let’s all take it in that she’s going. This will open the door for her to go by herself. I feel there would have been a major league riot if they had put all of DX in and not put her in there and I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m not going in without her. We were that good of friends and I’ve had this discussion with my wife.”

Gunn continues, “Luckily she’s going in and I don’t have to make that decision because she was a super close friend of mine, probably my best friend.”

What do you think of the possible solo induction of Chyna in the future? If it were to happen, how soon do you think it will take place? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section.

Nick Wilkinson
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