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Melina’s most memorable moments in WWE

Photo credit: WWE.com

Official WWE debut – SmackDown (Apr. 14, 2005)

Melina made two appearances on Raw in late 2004, but she made her official WWE debut in April of 2005 as the villainous manager for Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro. Before she even said a word, their entrance—with the red carpet, paparazzi and her now trademark split—created so much buzz.

The A-List Diva more than held her own as a mouthpiece for MNM in the segment with Rey Mysterio and Carlito. The ensuing beatdown set the stage for the team to win the WWE Tag Team Championship in their debut match two weeks later.

The group eventually split up, but this promo was the first glimpse of the character that Melina became popular for. She continued to excel as a heel when she got the opportunity to strike out on her own.