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Melina’s most memorable moments in WWE

Photo credit: WWE.com

Melina wins Eddie Guerrero Memorial Divas Battle Royal – Raw (Nov. 14, 2005)

Raw episode no. 651 kicked off with a somber opener. Tragically, Eddie Guerrero passed away on the same days as the tapings for that week’s episodes of Raw and SmackDown. Due to his sudden passing, all storylines were put on hold for those two episodes.

One of the matches that still took place was an interpromotional Divas Battle Royal. All nine participants came down to the ring wearing Eddie’s “I’m Your Papi” shirt.

The match itself was fun for what it was, but the finish made it all worth it. Melina was the one of the final three remaining in the ring with Trish Stratus and Maria Kanellis. After they worked together to eliminate Maria, she blindsided Trish and countered the Stratusfaction to eliminate the Women’s Champion.

It was a fitting tribute to who Eddie was as a competitor and a metaphorical passing the torch moment for another Mexican American superstar.