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Melina’s most memorable moments in WWE

Photo credit: WWE.com

Melina first Women’s Championship win – Raw (Feb. 19, 2007)

After eliminating Trish from the Divas Battle Royal, Melina looked primed to challenge for the Women’s Championship. The Paparazzi Princess got her chance at Survivor Series 2005, but she fell short to the champion with the help of Mickie James.

On January 29, 2007, she defeated Maria for a chance to face Mickie, who was now champion. Unfortunately, James retained the title in their match, but she quickly earned another shot on the following episode.

This time, Melina caught Mickie with a surprise overhead pinning predicament to win the title for the first time in her career. The two had a lengthy feud afterward, culminating in the first ever Women’s Falls Count Anywhere match on Mar. 5, 2007.