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Melina’s most memorable moments in WWE

Photo credit: WWE.com

Melina vs. Beth Pheonix in an “I Quit” match – One Night Stand 2008

In May of 2008, Melina turned face after several miscommunications with then-tag partner, Beth Phoenix. The two had various run-ins leading up to the first ever women’s “I Quit” match at One Night Stand.

The Red Carpet Diva out everything she could in a classic example of a smaller tenacious babyface against a more physically imposing heel. She tried to slow the Glamazon down with a guillotine hold, and an array of impressive maneuvers but, in the end, Beth just overpowered her.

It was the first major test for Pheonix, but she eventually forced Melina to quit with a brutal transition out of a double chicken wing. Still, Perez looked great in defeat and she eventually defeated Beth to become Women’s Champion for a third time at Royal Rumble 2009.