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Melina’s most memorable moments in WWE

Photo credit: WWE.com

Melina vs. Michelle McCool – Night of Champions 2009

In the Spring of 2009, Melina started a feud Michelle McCool, who she notably defeated in her televised in-ring debut. In the four years since, McCool developed into one of the best wrestlers in the division.

She and Perez put on some great matches that year, but their Women’s Championship match at Night of Champions is widely considered a fan-favorite. The match was full of inventive spots, like Michelle’s baseball slide to knock Melina off the apron while she was doing her split to enter the ring. There was also a DDT on the top of the security barricade.

Melina later confirmed they got yelled at for some of the hard-hitting spots outside the ring, but the result made it worth it. McCool went on to retain the title via roll up, but it was clear she won by the skin of her teeth.

A lot of fans had mixed reactions to her run as a babyface because she was such a great heel earlier in her career. But her matches with Beth Pheonix and Michelle really proved how much she improved as a wrestler.

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