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    Scarlett Bordeaux to make Impact in-ring debut against Disco Inferno

    On this week’s episode of Impact, Disco Inferno went on a tirade trashing women’s wresting and targeting newly signed Impact star, Scarlett Bordeaux. Bordeaux was being interviewed by Josh Matthews when Disco Inferno interrupted and asked why would such a gorgeous woman want to wrestle since she was “going to suck.”

    He then went on to say, “Women’s wrestling hasn’t been any good since it had bra & panties matches and since they don’t have bra & panties matches in Impact Wrestling, there’s no reason for you to wrestle!”

    Bordeaux told Disco that she had been told similar things all her life by misogynistic men and then slapped him in the face, proclaiming that she “could kick [his] ass.”

    He responded by telling her to go home, do some shopping, wash some dishes and after doing all that, if she still wants to wrestle, she will know where to find him. Bourdeax ended the conversation by saying, “next time I see you, I am going to make you my b*tch!”

    Soon after, Impact announced on their Twitter page that Bourdeaux will make her in-ring debut in three weeks against Disco Inferno. The intergender match will take place at Impact’s Against All Odds show.

    What do think about Scarlett Bourdeaux having her in-ring debut against Disco Inferno? Leave a comment below and let us know.

    Lauren Founds
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