Brie Bella announces retirement


On last night’s episode of Total Bellas, which was filmed back in October, Brie Bella announced she planned to officially retire from in-ring competition. Her and husband Daniel Bryan plan to move back to Phoenix to focus on expanding their family.

Transcription of quotes from the episode are provided by Fightful.

“So I decided after Evolution, I’m gonna be fully retired,” Brie states in the episode. “Fully done, and that Bryan and I are looking for a house in Phoenix, because we’re moving back.”

This comes as no big surprise, since Bella has been talking about retirement for some time. Brie had semi-retired a couple of years ago, so she could have a baby, and last year, she made a comeback to the ring. During her comeback, she was able to team back up with her sister Nikki, and also work a storyline with her husband against Miz and Maryse.

The comeback wasn’t as smooth as she had hoped for. Bella had a decent amount of ring rust and accidentally concussed Liv Morgan during a match on Raw. The backlash on social media took a huge toll on Brie, and she openly-admitted on another episode of Total Bellas that she later sunk into a depression. This probably had a hand in leading Bella to the ultimate decision: it was time to hang up the boots.

Nikki Bella gave her thoughts about her sister’s announcement during the episode.

“I’m a bit shocked right now hearing Brie say that she’s going to retire and move to Phoenix. Like, talk about dropping two huge bombs. I guess retirement, I always thought that’d be something Brie and I would talk about together. I just did not expect this big change after such an incredible comeback.”

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  1. Brie had a career she should be proud of and is still going strong outside of WWE. Not many women (or men for that matter) can claim the amount of success both Bellas have had outside of wrestling. Even if reality tv isn’t your shtick, there is an audience for it and Brie has been successful in that field. Good for Brie and best of luck to her and captain planet.

  2. Brie literally only became successful in the business because of Bryan and Nikki.
    She cannot wrestle or cut a promo, and never has been able to.
    Her retirement is well over due.
    Im hoping Nikki keeps making appearances though because she has gone from strength to strength

  3. Wow Im shocked Brie just said f her sister and retired solo lol, I just knew she’d train off the ring rust and they’d come back to get the tag team titles before they’re careers were over, I’m hoping Nikki will still be a part time though, she still has much more to give as a solo competitor

  4. I honestly hope Nikki doesn’t retire I seriously want her to come back win a title. Any championship would be awesome.

    If Nikki comes back for the tag titles she can team with Mickie and together they can be “The exes” lol

  5. If you look at 0:30 second mark, Nikki’s voice is edited in saying “Evolution” instead of Brie. I don’t see her really retiring before they win the tag titles, both have said it in the interviews recently.

    However, this means more singles Nikki which I’m here for. Nikki vs Asuka would be good.

  6. Whew after those amazing Suicide dives she did and her yes kicks to Liv maybe its for the best. But im sure she will be back as a part timer on events such as evolution, QotM, RR in future years.

    I give the Bellas ton of ccrraapp (for them blocking my faves contract) but they did left a mark and they should be proud of what they have behind them too bad Nikki didnt get to be womens champ once more at least.

  7. Few women have had the success they’ve had in this business, but I’ll always be sad/annoyed they didn’t hold the tag titles.

    I always preferred Brie in the ring, (prior to the liv/dive incident) she was a bumping machine. I would’ve loved to see her hold a title on her own, Brie had tons of potential as a face. I also think Nikki should’ve had a run with the SD title.

  8. Don’t care what anyone says, overall she was the better wrestler between her and her sister. Her selling was impeccible. Her dropkicks were beautiful had height, swift, on point. Her lock ups, the way she moved in the ring – she was underrated and miles ahead of her stiff sister who sucks shit in the ring. Too bad Brie came back as a shadow of herself. Hopefully this means Nikki retires too, but I don’t mind her coming back for a match every now and then, but if I could pick I’d say we had enough of Nikki and the Bellas in general and it’s time for them to move on.

  9. Tbh I really liked Brie and thought she was a better wrestler of the two. But I don’t blame her, she only got one championship, she never really got the treatment Nikki got and plus she did have ring rust after her baby. I will miss her though.

  10. So now after those train wreck performances she wants to retire!!! But seriously she could’ve stuck around to get the women’s tag titles!! You know the titles that was meant for them!! She so bogus for this!!

  11. I’m not shocked at this at all. I remember when she said once she pops out Birdie she was going to come back and wrestle like nothing ever happened and I remember thinking “Girl, bye. You are going to stay home with your child” and lo and behold….

  12. It’s interesting that Brie was the one to convince Nikki to get into the business – she also debuted first (Nikki was under the ring, coming out for the twin magic thing in the beginning) and was generally considered to be a stronger wrestler.

    Now that we’re at the end of their wrestling careers (it’s not like Nikki’s sticking around much longer), the tables have turned and Nikki is seen as Twin 1.

  13. No one ever FULLY retires from wrestling, they find their way back in some way or another…I personally like Brie, I think she’s a great character and seems like a nice person too.

    Its a shame she’s leaving JUST as the tag titles have entered the scene, it would have been perfect for the Bella’s to hold those.

    • Interesting timing. The one time I thought they’d back a final return was the tag titles, which seemed set up for them to be a part of. I guess the bellas time is over. I wonder if nikki will return or not. She doesn’t have a baby and the evolution seems to have her excited for women’s wrestling or reignited things.

  14. I’m surprised she didn’t stick it out a lil while longer to at least have a tag team titles under their belt as The Bella Twins but its ok lol. I wish her the best and I hope she looks at the end of career as a good thing even though the injury to Liv seemed to have clouded her last run :/

  15. I’m not her biggest fan but I think it would have been cool to see The Bellas as Women’s Tag Champions.

    Two of the most notable women’s tag teams ever in the Bellas and LayCool very likely will never be Tag Team Champions so it is kinda sad.

    Sorta like how Torrie Wilson should have been Divas Champion.

  16. i know she wasn’t the greatest by any means. as a matter of fact that would be reaching. but brie controbuted in her own way. i loved her and stephanie’s rivalry. anyway thank you brie. retiring is the right decision.

  17. Wow. There are a lot of awful comments below. I’m not sure why people feel the need to be so horrible to her.

    Brie has to do what’s best for the Danielson family. Bryan, Birdie, Brie herself, and any future kids are the only people that matter. I wish her the best in whatever she chooses to do.

  18. The ideal plan imo should’ve been the two of them retiring together, but Brie had teased retirement for a long time. Kind of a shame that her last run didn’t go exactly well, it was clear she struggled in the ring after being away for so long. Anyway, I was never the biggest Bellas fan but they really did leave a mark on the division. Not often you see twins in wrestling, and they managed to have great careers, especially after they returned in 2013.

  19. It’s strange. This site and the people who constantly complain about it (yet still regularly post on it) claim to be about women empowerment, and the Womens Evolution. Yet these comments literally show the opposite. And it’s literally like this with any Bellas post.

    For one, whether you like her or not, or whether you think her wrestling pre-Birdie was good or not, the Bellas HAVE BOTH made their mark in this division, and they ARE BOTH future HOFers. Two, I also find it strange that suddenly everyone likes Nikki more when just four years ago it was the opposite, and she was an undeserving Divas champ who “only got that because of Cena”. Three, are ya’ll really questioning/making fun of the fact that the immense online hate she received from accidentally injuring someone for the first time in eleven years caused her to go into a depression? Not too mention the amount of IG and twitters comments from trolls I saw bringing her daughter into it. No wonder she was depressed, I’m surprised she didn’t try to do anything worse.

    I just think it’s hypocritical AF. So much for women empowerment, eh? I’m sure Brie will be okay. If she feels it was the right decision, we just have to respect it and move on. NOT PUT HER DOWN AND CLAIM NIKKI, WHO’S A BOTCHED RACK ATTACK AWAY FROM PERMANENTLY INJURING HER OWN SELF, IS BETTER THAN HER.