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Dana Brooke addresses Ronda Rousey in emotional letter

Dana Brooke embodies the underutilized talent that WWE tends to sleep on. WWE is often scrutinized for turning a blind eye to certain talents that can easily become fan favorites. Brooke took her moment on RAW by giving a heartfelt speech in regards to her passion and love for the business.

In a moment that hardly anyone expected, Brooke confronted RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Claiming she has “nothing left to lose,” Brooke came out to inform Rousey that she refused to allow her to speak ill of the company she loves. By spilling her heart out in the ring, many fans viewed this touching promo as the woman behind the Dana Brooke moniker, Ashley Sebera. In an attempt to “grab the brass ring,” she challenged Rousey to a match, but one never got underway. She took to social media today to further explain her actions in a letter.

In her letter, Brooke continues to wear her heart on her sleeve and condemn Rousey for her actions. She emphasizes her grit and determination and to remember that not everyone sees what goes on “behind close[d] doors.” Her recent actions have sparked a #GiveDanaAChance movement on Twitter and even saw her trending worldwide. The fact remains to be seen if this will amount to anything in Brooke’s favor. Ironically, just one year ago, she confronted Rousey in an unaired exclusive that saw a similar ending – Brooke tossed around like a rag doll.

What did you think of Brooke’s promo? Will WWE actually start using her more, or is this a one-off appearance to make Rousey look good? Let us know in the comment section.

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