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Dana Brooke to face Ronda Rousey on RAW for the Women’s Championship

In a surprising turn of events from last week’s RAW, Dana Brooke aired out her grievances on RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. From this interaction, she will finally get her “chance” to show if she has what it takes to go after the title. WWE just announced via Twitter that Brooke will face Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship this coming Monday.

In a true underdog story, Brooke took to her social media after her encounter with Rousey to continue letting her emotions out in a heartfelt letter. In this letter, she let the RAW Women’s Champion know how she feels about her disgracing WWE as of late. She continued to say that Rousey does not belong in WWE if she can’t respect it.

Rousey tends to hold an open challenge for her title the night after a pay-per-view. After Fastlane, Brooke was ready for a match and accepted the challenge despite Rousey not asking for one. The match never took place. After throwing Brooke around multiple times, Rousey was about to lock on the Armbar, but decided against it. She felt that the fans needed to pay more in order to see her apply her finishing maneuver.

Will Brooke have a fighting chance against the “Baddest Woman on the Planet,” or will Rousey continue to decimate the ever vigilant underdog? Let us know in the comment section on your thoughts about this match.

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