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Brandi Rhodes on building AEW women’s division with Kenny Omega

All Elite Wrestling’s debut with Double or Nothing is getting closer and closer. AEW’s Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes spoke on The Jim Ross Report podcast on their ever-growing women’s division. Several women have already been announced for the promotion and more are expected to be mentioned in the coming weeks. Rhodes comments on the incredible help that Kenny Omega has contributed to their women’s division.

“I think a lot of people aren’t aware and now they’re becoming aware since his recent signing, but Kenny Omega and I are working together on women, so a lot of times I have his support in doing that, especially when it comes to the Japanese talent.”

She also goes into further details about the plethora of female talent in professional wrestling. She comments on the notion that AEW has such a small women’s roster so far.

“We’re working all the time, so by the time that you find out one person [has] been signed, we’ve probably signed three more and you just don’t know about it yet”

The transcripts above are provided from Wrestling Inc. You can listen to the rest of Jim Ross’ podcast with Rhodes by visiting his site.

The most recent signee was Bea Priestly. Who else would you like to see signed by AEW? Let us know in the comment section below.

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