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Lacey Evans explains her ‘lady’ character

Lacey Evans recently sat down with the Gorilla Position podcast to discuss her upbringing, her time so far in WWE, what it means to be a lady and what the character means to her.

“It means that I am a lady. I embody what it means to be a lady. My feminine qualities… the fact that I can cook, I can clean, I can wrestle, I can take care of a baby and I can take care of my husband. Women are so powerful beyond measure, and I feel like a lot of times they forget their feminine qualities. They forget what that beauty… and feeling beautiful is not something to be frowned upon.”

She continues to explain how her character is an extension of herself.

“I think that, and me having a daughter, I just would like to raise her to feel strong and powerful with lipstick and high heels on and know that she is capable of anything. From the Marine Corps, to one of the only females on the SWAT team, to being in WWE — I am beautiful, I am classy, I am sophisticated and I can still kick your ass and that’s what Lacey Evans is. She is the lady of WWE.”

The transcripts are courtesy of Fightful. For more words from Evans, listen to the Gorilla Position podcast in its entirety.

Evans is currently rumored to be starting a storyline feud against Natalya. Check back in with Diva Dirt for more updates about The Lady of WWE.

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