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5 moments we want at a WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

Women's Battle Royal
Photo Credit: WWE

4. Dana Brooke shines and proves her worth

Dana Brooke is one of the only women on the active roster who hasn’t had a major storyline. She is constantly overlooked and misused by the company. This past week on Raw, she had her first title match since joining the main roster in 2016, only to be squashed by Ronda Rousey.

Dana is an exceptional athlete and could used in the Battle Royal to show the WWE head honchos that she deserves to be in a title picture, and not used as a prop. #GiveDanaAChance

Lauren Founds
I am a New Englander who has been watching wrestling since WrestleMania 2. I follow all wrestling but am a WWE fan through and through. Watching the evolution of women's wrestling has been a true inspiration to myself and all female fans.