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    WOW’s Jessie Jones explains ‘make wrestling great again’

    WOW – Women of Wrestling just wrapped up its first season with a second season already on the horizon. One of the biggest talking points coming out of the show was resident WOW Superhero, Jessie Jones. The reason being because Jones portrayed a MAGA-lite character. Jones frequently spouted promos about building a wall and that she wanted to “make wrestling great again.”

    In a new interview with YouTuber Duke Loves Rasslin, Jones decided to further expound on her intentions with this “make wrestling great again” movement. Duke directly asked Jones what this slogan means and “what does wrestling mean to [her].” Jones had the following to say:

    “Let’s go back a decade or so … where you had the nWo and the Four Horsemen and Roddy Piper and Ric Flair at the top of his game. When wrasslin’ was wrasslin’. It wasn’t sports entertainment. It wasn’t wrestling. It wasn’t flippy dudes. It was wrasslin’.”

    When asked if that is what she wants to bring to today’s product, Jones would say “Exactly. That is exactly what I’m gonna bring to it.”

    You can listen to the interview in its entirety below. Another point in the conversation sees Jessie Jones discuss possibly challenging Tessa Blanchard for the WOW Championship. She also discusses being recruited to WOW by Leilani Kai and her nearly 15-year history in the business.

    How do you feel about Jessie Jones’s character? Do you think this is the right approach to “make wrestling great again?” Explain why in the comment section.

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