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WrestleMania main event participants appear on ESPN

Earlier today, the women competing in the upcoming main event of WrestleMania spoke with ESPN. The interviewer asked each lady, starting with Becky Lynch, what the main event announcement means to them.

Lynch opened up about her humble beginnings, and mentioned her hiatus from the business. She had doubts that this sport wasn’t going to take her anywhere. After listening to that little voice in her head to keep going she continued her journey.

Lynch also commented on a moment after she signed with WWE, where she shared with her friend that she wanted to main event WrestleMania one day. Her friend responded with, “It’s good to dream, but be realistic.”

Flair shared Lynch’s sentiments on the impact of the women’s revolution. In a matter of just two years, she feels most people wouldn’t have thought women could headline “The Grandest Stage of Them All”. Longtime women’s wrestling fans knew it was possible and would argue that this moment is long overdue.

Rousey concludes the interview by commenting on the social change within WWE. She indicated it’s running parallel to other cultural changes around the world.

Particularly, she mentions that WWE, a company that once showcased bra and panties matches, is now helping to raise the profile of women to a higher level.

A woman can become the face of the company. It is refreshing to see the women emerge as marquee superstars.

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Nick Wilkinson
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