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    Sasha Banks on how ‘amazing’ Eddie Guerrero was

    Sasha Banks recently spoke to Sportskeeda about her love for Eddie Guerrero and her strong bond with his family. The topic stemmed from Banks and Vickie Guerrero‘s emotional sit down prior to the 2018 Royal Rumble, where both women participated.

    Banks elaborated on their relationship means to her.

    “Vickie has been nothing but amazing to me. She actually gave me a pair of Eddie Guerrero’s tights. She has no idea what that means to me. I hope to make Eddie Guerrero’s name proud. I’m not related to them but he had just the biggest impact on my life. Just the biggest.”

    Banks’ WrestleMania 32 ring gear was a homage to the late Hall of Famer. She strives to become the female version of Eddie to continue his legacy. This includes riding in a car with style down to ringside and hitting the frog splash from the top rope.

    She continues to encourage others to watch his contribution to the business to keep his spirit alive .

    “A lot of people haven’t seen an Eddie Guerrero match. When I talk about it, they go back and watch. I want everyone to know how amazing Eddie Guerrero was to me. How much influence he had on my career.”

    Banks also discussed her feelings on the IIconics and the backstage reaction to Roman Reigns’ recent return. The full interview is available at Sportskeeda.

    What do you think about Sasha’s relationship with Vickie Guerrero and her admiration for Eddie Guerrero? Let us know in the comments section.

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