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WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal is announced

It has been made official by WWE’s WrestleMania Twitter account that there will be a second annual Women’s Battle Royal. The announcement comes just days after Charlotte Flair defeated Asuka to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Asuka will be placed in the Battle Royal along with the other women of the RAW and SmackDown rosters. The announcement also includes the NXT brand.

The “first” Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania occurred last year on the Kickoff Ahow. The match hosted 20 women who fought for a trophy and bragging rights. Naomi came out on top and won that match by last eliminating Bayley.

A stipulation for the winner has not been announced at this time. With both main titles in the main event, it might be a nice reward for the winner of the battle royal to become no. 1 contender.

We previously listed our five moments that we would want to see at WrestleMania. Among the entries was hopes for a Women’s Battle Royal match this year. Could any of these predictions come to fruition?

Who do you predict coming out as the winner of this match? Could Asuka pull it off and seek some retribution? Who would you like to see involved that is not currently on the main roster? Let us know in the comment section below!

Nick Wilkinson
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