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Five wrestlers we’d like to see in Stardom

Photo credit: Head Drop

4. Chakara

At just eighteen years of age, Chakara is one of the most promising talents on the British scene. She’s crazy strong for her size and can wrench a shoulder socket like nobody’s business. But she could do with some polish, and a tour with Stardom is just the thing to do it.

Conveniently, Chakara would arrive in Stardom with a ready-built storyline: she’s spent the last several months feuding with her former best friend and tag team partner Candy Floss, who spent much of last year in Stardom. Moreover, their feud has been specifically built around Candy turning heel on Chakara due to arrogance about the newfound skills she developed in Japan. What better development could there be for their rivalry than Chakara following in her enemy’s footsteps and coming back with some new tricks of her own?

Dean Buckley
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