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Five wrestlers we’d like to see in Stardom

Photo credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

3. Jokey/Aivil

Sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due for a great gimmick. And sometimes you just have to give credit for two great gimmicks. Jokey is the pride and joy of Italian wrestling, the Italian Championship Wrestling Women’s Champion in her first reign, approaching the first anniversary of her victory. A wily harlequin who lures in her opponents with balloons before punching them in the face, her excellent match with Holidead was the first ever women’s main event in Italian history.

But in Insane Championship Wrestling, Jokey has been possessed by an evil spirit called Aivil and plays with something altogether more sinister and terrifying. In either character, she’s a great in-ring performer, fast on her feet and comfortable in the air, and she’s exactly the kind of character actress to fit in with the quirky style common in Stardom.

Dean Buckley
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