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Five wrestlers we’d like to see in Stardom

Photo credit: Pro Wrestling Ulster

1. Valkyrie

I could have picked plenty of potential candidates from the Irish wrestling scene, but if I could only pick one, it had to be Valkyrie. She’s been on absolute fire the past several months, culminating in her claiming the Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship from Jordan Devlin. Her character work is second-to-none, whether she’s a scrappy face in the German Wrestling Federation, a cowardly drunk aunt heel champ in Pro Wrestling Ulster or a vicious, psychopathic bully in Over the Top Wrestling. She’ll likely challenge OTT Women’s Champion Raven Creed for her title next, and stands a better chance than any previous challenger of walking away with it.

Valkyrie is, without a doubt, one of the most talented, versatile in-ring performers I’ve seen, with the strength and speed and agility to match any of her peers. She’s as comfortable in a close-to-the-mat grappling lock-up as a high-flying hardcore match or a fast-moving exchange of strikes. I’ve rarely seen a match where she didn’t electrify me, even when she wasn’t a competitor. Stardom would only be so lucky to have her, and skilled as she is already, I know she can only get better. A couple of tours with Stardom to take her to the next level could well be what lands Valkyrie on the radar of a major promotion. I’ve rarely been more certain that someone could be the next big thing. Stardom should nab her while they can, maybe give her a run with a title, even. They should want to be a part of her legacy as much as she should want to be part of theirs.

Dean Buckley
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