Recognizing Past and Present WWE Women Champions


We are showcasing this outstanding video in honor of the first-ever Women’s Main Event at WrestleMania 35. Credit to Khuwayne Linton for the fantastic look back at the past and what brought us to the present.

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Who were your favorite champions? Who will hold the belt in the future? Sound off in the comments below


  1. I still cannot believe the fact that the women will main event tomorrow. It’s still surreal to me how far they’ve come and as a women’s wrestling fan I couldn’t be happier.

    The fact that there are 3 matches, which include all 20+ women on the main roster and the main event is theirs speaks volumes. They must be proud!

  2. I’m not even a Sasha fan but she really deserved to be in this main event. It’s sad how no woman of color will ever be allowed to make history in a sense of doing something no one will ever truly forget about.

    • This is why I almost stopped supporting WWE bc now that the women are on top, they’re misrepresenting the minority women, we ALL know Sasha deserves to be in this main event, shid is depressing

    • Iets not forget that Sasha’s popularity was almost on par with Becky’s but the WWE refused to push her as hard or give her storylines anywhere near as intriguing as what we’re getting now.

      Yes Ronda is a huge factor in how hard the womens division has been pushed this last year, but there is no reason Sasha couldn’t have been at the forefront.

      So glad that her and Bayley clawed for those womens tag titles, they’d be in the battle royal this year otherwise, the girls are smart AF and literally created their own opportunity.

    • All. Of. This.

      I love my white girls, but damn, as a person of color, its rough not seeing any kinda of representation succeed in these current times. Women like Jazz, Jackie, and Gail always took a back seat. That’s not to say I didnt love Trish or McCool. Because they worked for that spot. But seeing Sasha win titles and lose consistently, only for casual fans to turn on her kind of made it clear that a woman of colour is not seen as a key player in the WWE.

      But damn, NXT is a totally different landscape. 4 women of colour fighting for the women’s title. That was beautiful.

    • So hi, I’m the creator of the video.
      My intentions were to give a variety of different women in this short video, Maria’s been there for a number of years and Dana was there as she is one of the newer women in recent years.
      The whole point of the video is progression to the main event of WM not who is in the video and who shouldn’t.

      • The title is “Recognizing Past and Present WWE Women’s Champions” and Maria and Dana are NOT former champs in WWE, and never will be, so that’s why I brought it up. ?

        Nice explanation though.

        • Here’s the thing, I never made up the title nor do I mention that in my tweet so you can take up with Diva Dirt not me.
          As I mentioned, this video is to recognise many women across the decades in WWE.
          Enjoy the main event x

          • I didn’t say you mentioned the title or named the video what it is (I certainly don’t know your Twitter). I said that was what the title of the video was called which is indisputable.

            Also indisputable is that Dana and Maria are not former champions in WWE which is why I initially brought it up. ?

            Btw the main event was just ok. The ending was tragic.

            I hope you enjoyed the show though. ?

  3. It’s unfortunate that the WWE is running away from its past when it comes to the “Divas” Era because the women who broke through in that Era in spite of an unsupportive behind-the-scenes environment deserve to have their accomplishments – and the Championship they fought for – recognized and celebrated.

    • It’s more they’re trying to sweep their old policy of pushing women based largely on looks and sex appeal under the rug. That’s why I was surprised when they named Torrie this year’s female HOF inductee, as they see that era as an old shame.

      Remember, this is a company who humiliated Molly Holly week after week after week in 2002 because she wouldn’t conform to their desired image of what a “Diva” should be then.

      • For better or worse, the WWE needs to “own” its own history, and the “Divas” Era shouldn’t suffer just because the company wants to run away from its mistakes.

        A perfect example of disrespecting the “Divas” Era is Charlotte only being promoted as an 8-time champion; she’s actually a 9-time champion (NXT Women’s Title, Divas Title, RAW Women’s Title x 4, and SD Women’s Title x 3), but they’re trying to erase the existence of the Divas Title by pretending that it and the RAW Women’s Title are one and the same when they’re not.

        The WWE needs to recognize and own the fact that it hasn’t been perfect in its treatment of women and stop trying to erase the contributions and accomplishments of the women who made the best of a bad situation and made legacies for themselves in an era when the company wasn’t giving female talents what they deserved.

          • “The one they’re not counting is the NXT title, as NXT is a developmental territory and their titles aren’t considered “world titles”.”

            This is not an accurate statement.

            From the moment Charlotte won the RAW Women’s Title and became the inaugural champion, the WWE has been trying to pretend that it and the Divas Title are the same belt and we have audio proof of that fact.

            Furthermore, we know that the NXT Women’s Title is recognized because of the fact that Paige, Asuka, Ember, Bayley, and Sasha have all been recognized via commentary as being former holders of that belt since joining the “main roster”.

    • I like how she combined a HOF speech with a motivational speech for her fans, Candice will probably have a chance but maybe not before Stacy Melina Victoria Michelle and Mickie…Also laughed when she said “I had a huge part in your puberty” lol Torrie you have no idea ?.