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The Huge Growth in the Popularity of Womens Pro Wrestling

Can women wrestle? Oh yes!  In 2021 women are making a strong return to the world of professional wrestling, spearheaded by the WWE. Surely, many of us have grown up with the occasional spat between women wrestlers on screen, and the sport has been long-dominated by male fighters, from John Cena to The Rock. However, from 2015 onward, there has been a revolution simmering below the surface.  

The WWE officially announced that it’s restarting its Diva’s Revolution initiative, which later transitioned to the “Women’s Revolution,” intended to attract more female fighters and, naturally, more viewers. One of the highlights of this renewed push for more awareness for female wrestling came when Pamela Rose Martinez faced off Sasha Banks in what proved to be a 30-minute Iron Man Match for the NXT Women’s Champion Belt.  The event had a huge ripple effect, motivating the WWE to restart women’s wrestling in full and start headhunting for talent.

Don’t Let Looks Mislead You.

Women wrestlers are definitely of interest to WWE and wrestling audiences which are, for the most part, male and in their 30s. The interest in the segment in 2021 has propelled many female fighters to stardom in the WWE and wrestling circles, and today, there are at least ten fantastic female fighters who you have probably heard about. The list includes:

Now, what’s interesting is that most of these ladies have lost the majority of their matches, but they enjoy a lot of popularity with wrestling audiences. Looking at the raw stats, including “most mania appearances and PPV,” furnishing proof that the increase in female-driven viewership for wrestling events is here to stay. This has naturally led to a few interesting trends of its own, including sports betting on female on wrestling.

Womens Wrestling and Sports Betting

With viewership for wrestling climbing back up once again, there has been quite a bit of online sportsbook betting talk going on. Wrestlers are actually capable of eliciting a robust response from audiences, and betting is definitely one of those.  In fact, Wrestle Mania has one of the biggest betting turnouts, which are great news for promoters looking to make sure that their sport is a little more popular with crowds. Add to this the fact that female wrestlers are now making headlines, and you have a formula for success.  Sportsbooks are actually making sure to feature female wrestling selections every time there are markets available. Apart from the outright winners, many sportsbooks run numerous prop bets, which are surprisingly engaging and well-thought through.

What to Expect from Female Wrestlers in 2021?

The truth is that female pro wrestler, famous as they are, still need a proper tribune to show themselves. We know that organizations such as WWE rely more on theatrics and scripting than any actual fighting.  This means that the wrestlers who get drafted to show up on the stage need to be good actors and athletes who can perform the many combat scenes that take places for millions of people to see, believe and enjoy.

betting on womens wrestling

Nobody really cares that the WWE may be a little scripted, as long as the organization puts on a good show. This brings the question of female wrestlers and whether we can expect to see a more female-dominated broadcast.  Overall, bringing more women to the stage would be great. In the past, they have been used as the apple of discord in some spat between macho male wrestlers, but this is no longer the case, and people are actually keen on seeing more female wrestlers come this year.  For this to happen, though, organizations such as the WWE will have to really step up their recruitment game. They already have some pretty good faces from Lana to Banks to Fox, all audience favourites. To take things to the next level, we will have to see more girl power.

Girl Power Should Be the Next WWE Revolution

To sum up, in everything that has been said so far, pro wrestling’s future success is certainly tied to female participation. If promoters want to see the organization succeed, they absolutely must include more female wrestlers.  Of course, they don’t need to fight right from the start, but seeing a more balanced selection of fighters can be a huge leap forward for the entire organization. The world wants to see more female wrestlers, which is a fact.

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