Kyoko Kimura vs. Kana (Asuka) 8/16/08


Happy Friday! We’ve made it through another exciting week in the world of female wrestling. That means it’s time for FREE MATCH FRIDAY!!

Today we are going to take you back over 10 years to a brutal feud that took place between Kyoko Kimura and Kana (now known as Asuka). There were no post-match hugs or IG selfies after this match.

What are your thoughts of this match? What would happen if Asuka wrestled this style today?


  1. I like strong style but not with bouts that break into legitimate shoots. Apparently these two were constantly at odds (which would be an understatement) and genuinely aimed to harm each other with vicious stiffs in their matches. Even though the bloody-faced Asuka/Kana do a bridging german suplex was so bad*ss. I don’t really like to see two people slugging it out like sworn enemies to the point the ref and their peers have to rush the ring to physically separate them, but still an interesting match.

  2. And to answer the second question, Asuka definitely still incorporates the strong style into her current WWE run and has modified it to safely and smoothly transition into their style but if we were to see a match like this with the current programming? They would probably be called reckless and unprofessional and harshly criticized.