Gail Kim’s Emotional Backstage Reaction After Her Epic Match at Rebellion


Gail Kim reflects on passing the torch to Tessa Blanchard after their epic clash at Rebellion.


  1. This match was straight up AMAZING. It’s everything you could have asked for in a match. Minus the missile dropkick, we saw every signature we’d want to see in a Gail Kim match, many nearfalls, many amazing spots, and the passing of the torch!

    And she is right. Tessa Blanchard is the future!

  2. Ofc she wasnt happy when she left. Would you be when your last match was against flops like Allie and Sienna. Tessa is indeed the future. She is on Charlotte’s level above Sasha and Becky (Bayleylina i wont even include bc she trash). WWE fools mae her lose to Kairi in the first round when their match was miles better than that Shayna vs Kairi thing we got. Tessa wouldnt have been used well in WWE and she knew that i only hope Sasha opens her eyes.

    If impact manages to get Tenille, Summer, Sasha, Tessa and SCarlett under one roof they would have an amazing division liek the old times.

  3. Match was brilliant.

    And when they hugged at the end and Tessa got choked up… amazing. She moves like an absolute beast in the ring. I am SURE WWE would not let her work like that, and until they do, she doesn’t need to come to the WWE.