Lita vs Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley 08/21/00


Happy Friday! Today’s match comes to us from Raw on August 21st, 2000. Lita challenged Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley for the Women’s Championship.

Women’s wrestling has come a long way since then. What were your memories of this match?


    • I wasn’t. As soon as I saw her in character as a kid, I knew she was gonna be a huge star and very capable in all aspects. People can hate (and a lot of it is justified in-terms of her lies and fakeness) but no one can take away her McMahon blood. The girl genuinely has mic skills, personality, attitude and fierceness she was born with. It’s in her blood. All McMahon’s slay on the mic, but Vince and Steph notably.

      • Agreed 100%, I’ve always enjoyed Stephanie at every stage of her career (ignoring goody goody crying baby Steph in 99). You can tell she takes the Stephanie character very seriously which translates beautifully into her performances. You’re right, she is an absolute legend on the mic. I dont know if you’re familiar with Wrestling with Wregret on Youtube but the host, Brian, even pointed out how impressive her skill is when she had to adlib a 2 minute promo at the end of the Raw where Ronda snapped on Becky and Charlotte. She kept it cohesive and emotional despite having no time to prepare.

    • Same, especially considering I wouldn’t think of Stephanie as someone who is super athletic. I like all of her matches though. Her work against Trish, Lita, Ronda & Brie were all pretty good. Even her match with Sable was pretty physical. I wish Stephanie would’ve mixed it up more with the women back in the golden era.

      • I think a lot of it stems from her ability to really sit in her character. She tells stories really well, whether people love or hate her, she is always convincing in her roles. I think it also helps that she keeps her moves very simple, but opts for impact moves that make her seem more deadly than she might actually be. Like the DDT, the slap, and the Pedigree. All quick and easy to pull off. I stan a queen.

        • 100% agree. Stephanie’s a really controversial figure to a lot of people but I’ve been rewatching WWE from 2000 during the McMahon/Helmsley era (specifically the love triangle with trips and Kurt leading up to summerslam) and it was really great stuff. The story in and of itself was good but Steph just knew how to carry herself in segments, on the mic, on commentary, all of that and was a super interesting part of the show despite not really being a competitor. I’d definitely recommend looking it up. Trish and Lita early on in their careers play interesting parts in the story too which was cool to see.

          • Honestly she doesn’t have that much charisma by herself but she was a good character back in the day and I would assume back then it was really fun to be part of the Attitude Era as opposed to today.

  1. This was a good match and one of my favorites. I remember watching this on Raw and was really impressed with Stephanie even though wasn’t as experienced around that time. At that point I’d hope to see Stephanie in the ring more and wish she’d had an actual heel run with the title. Both women held it down for that Main Event.