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WWE to hold an all-female tryout in the UK

NXT UK’s brand has been red hot lately. The NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff event has recently been announced. It is scheduled for the same day as AEW’s All Out on Aug. 31. The current women’s roster on the brand has 10 amazing athletes that put on incredible matches. There is always room for growth, and an all-woman tryout is just the place to do it.

According to sources in an exclusive from WrestleTalk, the following women will be attending this tryout camp later this week. This will take place at the UK Performance Center.

Credit: WWE

Rhio – a 22-year-old with a martial arts background. She wrestles regularly for northern promotions Tidal, TNT, MEW and PCW.

Shax – a 5-foot-tall six-year pro who has worked for WrestleGate, Pro Wrestling CHAOS and Southside. She does a burlesque gimmick and is the girlfriend of No Fun Dunne.

Kanji – a graduate of Stixx’s wrestling school in Nottingham who shot to prominence when she became the Defiant Women’s Champion at the end of 2018

Debbie Keitel – a regular for OTT in Ireland alongside her Woke Queens tag partner Valkyrie. Valkyrie is also expected to be at the camp. Keitel is also a former television presenter.

Candy Floss – She has made several appearances for NXT UK in the role of enhancement talent.

Jayde – She competes for HOPE, Southside, Kamikaze Pro and IWL.

Jessica Light – a trainee from Zack Gibson’s wrestling school

Heather – a trainee from British legend Marty Jones’ wrestling school

It was also rumored that popular Irish wrestler Martina will also be part of the tryouts. Unfortunately, WrestleTalk wasn’t able to confirm this.

Most recently popular names from the independent scene such as Piper Niven, Kay Lee Ray, and Jazzy Gabert have joined WWE and placed in their NXT UK brand.

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