Michelle McCool vs. Natalya first Diva’s title match 07/20/08


Michelle McCool and Natalya battled it out at the Great American Bash pay-per-view in July 2008. This match was to crown the first ever Diva’s Champion. This match was a crucial moment in history for the women on SmackDown. For nearly six years the women of the blue brand didn’t have a championship to fight for. The Women’s Championship at the time was exclusive to RAW.

McCool was able to become the first ever Diva’s Champion by causing Natalya to submit by using the Brazilian Heel Hook. McCool went on to hold this title for 159-days before losing it to Maryse on SmackDown later that year.

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  1. Miss that butterfly belt, even if it was super gaudy. I’d love to have it back or maybe a re-designed version of it akin to the first NXT women’s title as a midcard belt. I do not miss that red hair on Nattie though. Yikes. Match was good, I never liked McCool all that much but she was a great wrestler.

  2. Also, it’s crazy to really think about how Nattie was around during the inception of the divas title. I can’t remember if she ever fought for the OG women’s belt. If she did that would mean she’s competed for every single major women’s championship in WWE. Divas, NXT, Tag Team, Raw and SD women’s champion.