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    Three women who should become the next Knockouts Champion

    Credit: IMPACT Wrestling


    Former Knockouts Champion Rosemary is the perfect contender to take the belt. She has had previous feuds with the current champion. The former rivals had two major feuds including the first one when Valkyrie made her IMPACT debut. By the results of the two feuds, they both have secured a win over the other. A third feud is needed to break the tie and determine which competitor is the best.

    Their previous feuds did not include the title as a component. With Slammiversary and the Monster’s Ball match just around the corner, this may be the perfect time for Rosemary to pull the trigger on the champion. It may appear that they have to work together due to Su Yung and Havok‘s partnership, however, in a four-way match, it is every woman for themselves.

    Rosemary hasn’t held the title since 2017 where she lost to Sienna. She held the title for 265-days making her the second longest reigning champion in history. An injury caused her to be out of action for eight months until she returned in January.

    She recently signed a new contract with the company and becoming a two-time champion has to be in her sights after being out of action for most of last year.

    Who do you think should become the next Knockouts Champion? Would you like someone on this list to defeat Taya Valkyrie? If not who would you like?

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