Will WWE’s new Executive Directors benefit the women?


Only time will tell how WWE’s new Executive Directors for RAW and SmackDown will benefit the women’s locker room. It was announced today by WWE that Paul Heyman will be the Executive Director of RAW. Eric Bischoff will take on the same role for SmackDown.

WWE.com reported their roles to include the following:

“In their executive roles, Heyman and Bischoff will oversee the creative development of WWE’s flagship programming and ensure integration across all platforms and lines of business. The creation of these roles further establishes WWE’s ability to continuously reinvent its global brand while providing two distinct creative processes for its flagship shows.”

These newly created positions will still have to report directly to the Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon. Both Heyman and Bischoff have served as Presidents themselves in the past to both ECW & WCW respectively.

So how may all of this affect the women’s rosters?

Heyman has been known to create an impact in the careers of many women in wrestling history. More predominantly women such as Renee Young, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya have cited him as an influencer in their careers. All three spoke highly of him on his “My Name is Paul Heyman” DVD.

ECW & WCW weren’t exactly known for their women’s wrestling. Although this may have been the case, these two men have worked in other promotions that highlighted women’s matches.

In May, an article by 411Mania transcribed 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff where he focused on why women in WCW never went anywhere. Bischoff had the following to say:

“Well, there just wasn’t as many credible, athletic, believable women in 1997 as there are today,” Bischoff said. “It wasn’t like there were women all over the United States, or all over the world, training to become professional wrestlers, number one. There was no Performance Center, not too many women were interested in coming down to the Power Plant to train, to become professional wrestlers. You couldn’t really put an ad in the paper and expect to have much luck. So there just wasn’t the talent pool in 1997 of women wrestlers as there are today. It wasn’t until recently — we’re talking about 2019.

It has further been announced by PWInsider that Heyman has been talked to about this role since February. Bischoff’s involvement has been more recent within the past few weeks.

What are your thoughts on this new development? Do you think that Heyman and/or Bischoff will benefit women’s wrestling in WWE? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section!!


  1. Bitchoff for Smackdown?

    I guess we should now start paying our respect to Asuka, Kairi and other international stars, they’re officially dead now.

    We all saw how he treated Hamada and Sarita in TNA 2010.

    Asuka’s undefeated streak gave me hope and just like that its all gone.

  2. Time will tell. I’m not getting my hopes up with Bischoff, as his time in TNA pretty much proved he got lucky in WCW and wasn’t that great.

    As for Paul Heyman, it all depends on how much freedom he has. We all know Vince has the final say on everything in WWE, but his being a meddling control freak was the big problem Heyman had with the re-launched ECW in 2006.

  3. I have every faith in Paul Heyman as long as he is given real control and is not overruled by Vince at every turn. Eric Bischoff on the other hand is the man who is at least partially responsible for ruining two companies and has never previously been a fan of women’s wrestling. I’ll reserve judgement for now on Bischoff but I’m not convinced.

  4. What is this 2002? Enough with the crap already.

    Instead of giving the old moron’n son 20-30 mins on TV they could use that to build more storylines for both men and women. No wonder their ratings are going down. Crappy booking, repetitive matches and now the usage of these two who’ve had their time. Tragedy.

  5. It doesn’t matter who you place in a role if Vince is still the one with final approval. I doubt that there aren’t talented writers and idea people on the staff already – they’re just micromanaged to death by people who are out of touch.

    That said, Paul Heyman is a genius who could produce amazing stories and usher in a new golden age IF he’s given the appropriate creative control. Torrie Wilson referenced him as the reason the women stories were so good on SD at one point, even without a title. His butting heads with Stephanie is when they started to disappear from the show.

    Bischoff is a good on-screen character, but I don’t know about his effectiveness behind the scenes. I mean WCW and TNA are on his resume, so…

  6. Yesssss

    Paul loves working with Alexa and he will push the modelsssss.
    Eric doesn’t seem to care that much about womens wrestling so he just gonna push the sexpots like Mandy, Carmella and Charlotte.

  7. I watched some WCW Nitro episodes on the network after they announced this and from an aesthetic perspective I liked how they presented their product back in the late 90’s and I did enjoy how Bischoff made his product come across as more reality based. The characters felt more like real people that blurred the lines between kayfabe and reality which is what ended up biting him in the ass but he was also dealing with egos like Hogan and wrestlers from a previous generation that just didn’t want to pass the torch to new stars. Idk part of me wants to give him a chance but at the same time Eric Bischoff being the executive director for a character like Ember Moon worries me.

    Excited for Heyman on Raw though.

  8. I know Paul Heyman is supportive of the women behind the scenes and Eric Bichoff has done some interesting stuff in the past, anyone remember the 1st ever women’s steel cage match Lita vs Victoria? All I know is WWE needs to get it together quick bc Im losing passion soooooo fast, and wrestling, specifically WWE, has been my entire life’s existence ????????

  9. Per LordsofPain.

    Asuka and Kairi Sane are the new #1 contenders to WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Sane and Asuka defeated Royce and Kay in a non-title match at today’s WWE live event in Tokyo, Japan and per the stipulation, they have earned a future title shot.

    There’s no word yet on when The Kabuki Warriors vs. The IIconics will take place for the titles.

    This is exciting!

  10. I mean Vince still has the final say for both shows, soooooo, I doubt it. If it does, great! But it won’t happen overnight. Still expect a ton of garbage to sit through while we see if they turn that garbage into gold or into a full on trash fire.

  11. Heyman? I’m hopeful; Eric? Not sure.

    But they are both intelligent men and we’re around for the best years of WWE and they can see the difference now. Hopefully things change for the whole entire roster.

  12. Bischoff is clearly lying when he said “Well, there just wasn’t as many credible, athletic, believable women in 1997 as there are today”, there were plenty…..he just didn’t want to hire them cause they weren’t beautiful or sexy…..plain and simple <.<

    Like seriously this is the same guy that had no plans for Akira freaking Hokuto in WCW….how in the world can someone f*** up someone as talented as her and not TRY to build the division with her, Madusa and every other woman they COULD have gotten e.e christ….

  13. Short answer: No.

    Longer answer: I can’t stand Heyman and I wouldn’t trust Bischoff. That said, I think the women have a better chance with Heyman, even though both of these guys have played slimy, shady characters in the past. I get the feeling that Heyman will completely ignore them while Bischoff will exploit them. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  14. None of this is gonna help make a change. They’re still gonna use the same women over and over again and keep the repetitive matches for 2 months in a row. They had the opportunity to change things up 2 months ago and they failed.

    Booking Becky vs Lacey for 3 months straight and re–doing Alexa vs Bayley with a newcomer added in ISN’T GONNA WORK! Not to mention they booked Becky vs Charlotte & Bayley vs Charlotte up until recently for both titles which has happened like 500 times since they were in NXT and that’s pathetic. They are “revolutionizing” women’s wrestling by focusing on one/two women and burying the rest without even giving them a chance. Way to go!

  15. “Well, there just wasn’t as many credible, athletic, believable women in 1997 as there are today”

    Madusa, Sherri Martel, Akira Hokuto, etc were all available and performed for WCW until they cut the Women’s Division (making Madusa’s jump to WCW pointless)

    Then towards the end I believe it was Bischoff who ordered the mass firing of a lot of WCW’s female performers (Daffney, Tygress, Major Gunns, etc). Russo was the one who went to bat for the women. I like Eric but I don’t know what to expect.