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10 most underrated women in WWE history

Alicia Fox

Certainly the most tenured WWE employee on this list, Alicia Fox has been dealt a bad hand for years. She is a former Diva’s Champion from 2010. This made history as being the first and only African American woman to achieve this accolade. This was nine years ago and although no one can take that away from her, she hasn’t been much in the title picture since.

She has mastered her skills in the ring and is arguably one of the best female wrestlers on the current roster at selling moves. Coming from a model background and not a wrestling background this is a huge nod to what she has accomplished over the years.

As showed in the video above, she entered in a gimmick against Paige where she became “Crazy Foxy.” This showcased how much character she really has and as always, WWE cut that short just as with the majority of slight pushes they have given to her.

Notable other periods of Fox’s career is when she was part of Team Bella as well as captain of the Survivor Series team in 2017. She also had an on-screen relationship with Noam Dar and most recently was partnered up with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

Fox certainly has received screen time over the years but nothing ever sticks for a long period of time. She should have more memorable moments and lengthy feuds. She should also be more decorated than just one title from nine years ago.

Nick Wilkinson
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