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Top three matches in Extreme Rules history

Charlotte (c) vs. Natalya – Submission Match for the Women’s Championship 2016

There have been many great matches between these two competitors and this one was no different. It was the Sharpshooter vs. the Figure Eight. For this match, Ric Flair was banned from ringside. If Ric were to come out to ringside then Charlotte would have to give up the title.

Throughout the match several different submission holds were used to try and win the match. Moves such as the armbar, crossface, and surfboard among others were a focus. At this time both women had something to prove.

Charlotte walked into this match with a streak on the line. She was at 13 pay-per-view wins in a row and didn’t want to lose her streak or the title. On the other end of the spectrum was Natalya. She was at five years without having a championship around her waist.

Credit: WWE

The match concluded with Natalya moments away from causing the champ to tap in the Sharpshooter when Ric’s music hit. This caused the distraction for Natalya to break the hold. Dana Brooke came out to the stage dressed as Ric. Once Brooke made her way to the ring, Natalya applied her hands on her on the ring apron. Charlotte took advantage of her opponent’s misdirection.

Charlotte locks the Figure Eight in on Natalya to retain her title and continue her pay-per-view winning streak.

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