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Top three matches in Extreme Rules history

Layla vs. Michelle McCool No Disqualification, No Count Outs, Loser leaves WWE 2011

This list couldn’t be finished without the final chapter between these two Divas being on it. A long run as one of arguably the best female tag teams in WWE history, LayCool was officially done sharing the ring with each other.

Credit: WWE

After couples therapy couldn’t revive this friendship, the two decided to end their relationship in the ring. After a double count-out on SmackDown, Layla challenged her former bestie for a No Disqualification/No Count Outs match at Extreme Rules. McCool upped the ante by including the loser leaves WWE stipulation.

The only complaint about the match itself was that it was too short. McCool used the announce table as well as the barricade to her advantage during the match. After dominating the majority of the match, McCool was able to hit the Faith Breaker on Layla. She thought she had secured the win after that, but Layla rolled her over into the crucifix for the win.

Credit: WWE

A stunned Layla cries after her victory. Both women seemingly emotional from the result as Layla exits to the backstage. As McCool weeps in the ring, Kharma‘s music hits. This marks Kharma’s debut as she applies an Implant Buster on the exiting former four-time champion.

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