Slammiversary Results, Taya Valkyrie retains Knockouts Title


IMPACT Wrestling’s yearly pay-per-view event Slammiversary took place today. Taya Valkyrie emerged still as your Knockouts Champion. After a brutal four-way Monster’s Ball match involving Havok, Su Yung, and Rosemary, the champion raised her title in victory.

The match didn’t take long to bring out the weapons and start producing some hardcore action. Chairs, trashcans, and other objects are brought into the match. Yung and Havok attempt to keep their partnership going by teaming up throughout the first half of the bout. This teamwork ends later when Yung applies the mandible claw on Havok on several occasions.

Heavier artillery in the form of a ladder is then introduced into the match. Valkyrie, Rosemary, and Yung take a suplex spot on Havok who was laying on the ladder in the middle of the ring.

Rosemary brings in a bag of thumbtacks. Bringing the tacks into the match backfires on Rosemary as Valkyrie takes advantage and stomps her face-first into them.

A table was then set up outside the ring. Valkyrie sends herself and Rosemary through the table from the ring apron. The thumbtacks weren’t finished with quite yet. Havok hits a massive tombstone on Yung from the ropes onto the tacks. Havok went for the pin, but the champion hits her with a chair and takes the pin on Yung to retain the Knockouts Championship.

In the main event of the evening, Tessa Blanchard earned this moment in her intergender match with Sami Callihan. This feud has received a tremendous build-up and has become quite personal between the two. It being placed in the main event is well deserved. The crowd was firmly behind Blanchard throughout the match.

Some highlights of the match include the following:

  • Blanchard is powerbombed on the ring apron
  • On the ramp, Callihan attempts another powerbomb but she counters and hits a cutter.
  • He attempts a piledriver, but Blanchard counters and hits a DDT for a two count
  • Blanchard back elbows the referee knocking him out. Callihan grabs his bat and hits her with it. Receives a two count as a result of a second referee and then he attacks him.
  • She ends up spitting in his face and delivers a low blow when he attempts to hit her again with the bat. She gets a bat of her own and hits him.
  • Blanchard hits Magnum from the top rope for a count of two. She turns it over into a crossface where Callihan almost taps. He counters and hits a package piledriver where she kicks out.
  • He hits a second piledriver and picks up the win.

After the match, Callihan looked like he was going to attack her with one of the bats again. Instead, he hands her one of the bats and heads to the back.

What did you think of these matches from Slammiversary? Did you want to see Taya Valkyrie retain? Should Tessa Blanchard have won her match? Discuss your opinions in the comment section!!


  1. Diggin’: The AMAZING Monster’s Ball match.

    Not Diggin’ Taya STILL being the champ…they have an INCREDIBLE KOs Division, time they put the belt on one of the other ones.

    (Of course, maybe this is just to add fuel to Taya’s reign…whoever beats her for it is gonna be LEGENDARY)

    • Impat is doing so much better than WWEs stale and boring feuds that end up in two shows or less. Maria slayed RAW last week just to go get pregnant. As if they gonna continue the storyline now.

  2. Good show. I don’t know if the Monster’s Ball, or the Johnny vs. Swann match was my MOTN, but its close. Aso for the ME, good match. As for the finish, well it depends on what happens from now on. If that’s just the end, then it was freaking stupid. But if it sets up a “redemption” thing down the road, then fair enough.

  3. Not a lot of women’s wrestling fans watch Impact Wrestling, but the current division is awesome! Storylines are good! The weekly matches have also been solid. This match was awesome! Taya has had a mediocre reign, or they’ve been waiting to use her in a match like this. This is just a nice notch to add to her defenses. I also like all the supernatural beings of Rosemary, Havok, & Su. Plus Tessa did a great job in her match which may possible set up for another match between her & Sami! Bravo ladies!!!

  4. EVERY FEMALE SUPERSTAR KILLED IT LAST NIGHT. i was extremely proud of all them especially Tessa. she didn’t need to win to look like the star she was last night. every match was 5 stars last night on slammiversary.

    • Tessa needs to beat Sami eventually I think. Not because I have a problem with women losing to men in-general mind you (there are plenty of such matches that I love). But Sami’s character has been set up to be the biggest despical A-hole in Impact, and a raging misogynist who badmouthed the entire KO’s division. So if the end is just, he wins, then not only is it underwhelming, it, whether they intended to or (most likely) not, they kind of validate everything that he was saying beforehand.

      BUT if it’s part of a longer arc with Tessa getting payback (say at BFG perhaps), then so be it.

      • Can you maybe post the article, I’d be curious to read it?
        The thing is, she’s on a roll right now. So yes, the slow build can work, but you cannot drag it out for too too long of you risk cooling someone off (ROH has had that problem for a LONG time for example).

        It’s a delicate tightrope to walk basically.

        Personally, I’d like to see Sami vs. Tessa for the title at BFG (which is in late October).

          • Thanks, appreciate it. But honestly this makes me LESS optimistic actually. Because it sounds like they’re taking exactly the wrong lessons from Roman, and forgetting that Bryan was a fluke that WWE blundered into. Roman was being pushed down fans throats and constantly in the top spots despite being booed constantly. Tessa is ridiculously over, fans WANT her to succeed, unlike Roman. Also WWE did everything possible to kill Bryan’s momentum, and it’s only do to fan revolt (and CM Punk leaving) that he got into Mania 30 ME.

            Basically this is a VERY different situation. Also it’s even more tricky with Tessa since she’s been on a roll, she beat Gail Kim and got the legend’s “passing the torch” seal approval on the last PPV. And again she’s super-over. So suddenly going “well now we have to make her lose some,” might be a case of bad timing. You risk cooling her off if anything.

          • I hear what your saying and I actually agree. I guess we will have a better idea of what they’re doing after tonight.

  5. Man, i’m loving this company. It took a lot of balls to actually pull off the Tessa/Sami storyline in the first place, but making it the main event of the PPV was even braver.
    It’s already pissing off so many people, i love it.

    To me intergender wrestling is beautiful, empowering and emotional, in the end i think it only upsets so many people because of their inner misoginy.

    Not gonna lie, almost had me in tears by the end. Great PPV. Tessa is the best in the world. Bye

  6. For everyone praising Tessa vs Sami, the only way to get more of this is to spend money on it. Tweet a pic of your order confirmation Impact, WWE and AEW. Tell them that Impact got your money because they did an intergender match. The only way to get more of this in the major promotions is to show that it draws money.

  7. I just saw both matches freaking amazing WWE could never. Extreme rules Alexa vs Bayley is gonna be a compete joke. Su never really got a huge spot in the 4 way but everything was amazing. I dont wanna spoil it. Tessa vs Sammi was full of crazy moves. Sammi can actually go. I cant believe WWE releases such amazing talents but thank God that they keep pushing and prove them wrong. I wish they used the bates more but it was still a 5 star match. Also the fatal 4 way was 3 heels plus a heel manager vs one face and it was still done amazingly. Take notes WWE. I cant wait to see how extreme rules is gonna flop compared to this.

  8. I said only a few days ago that the next stage for Impact’s Intergender matches was to have a woman lose clean. And that’s exactly what they did. Well, clean’ish, at least.

    For me, that’s the most groundbreaking thing they did here. Because this wasn’t about a man beating a woman cos he was stronger and nor was it a woman scoring a lucky win by being smarter than the guy (all tropes that we’ve seen in the WWE’s relentlessly poor attempts at intergender wrestling before they mostly let it go).

    This was none of those things. This was simply a wrestler losing a match to another wrestler. And that’s what made this such a big step forwards. Fingers crossed Impact make the best of this opportunity and don’t find some way to ruin it.

    • I’m not sure that Sami Callihan is the right guy to do that with however. There are numerous other guys in Impact, sure they’d work. But given Sami’s character, and what the story has been, seeing her lose to clean to Sami of all people is, iffy. Unless there’s a payoff in the future.

      • But again, that’s what makes it the better choice. Having Tessa win would have been to easy, too neat. And at the end of the day, sometimes babyfaces do come off worse in a feud.

        The end of the match certainly didn’t suggest this was going any further or that Tessa would be seeking a pay-off because this essentially was the pay-off. Tessa going toe-to-toe with Callihan and earning his respect. OK, in terms of his character, maybe that ain’t worth much but in the context of this match, it was still a win for Tessa.

        • No it wasn’t. The sexist A-hole was proven right in the end. She picked a fight with them, and got slapped down. He was right, no woman could beat him after all. You validate every sexist thing that he said with this.

          No that’s NOT a good “payoff.” The “she earned his respect,” is such a condescending thing that’s so overused. It’s like going “aww, you couldn’t do it, but good try” and patting her on the head.

          And again, Sami is NOT the guy to do that with.
          In another case, that might work. But in this case, nope not good enough. She needs to beat him, simple as that. I said it before the match, and I still think that.

          Also I’m not a fan of doing “shocking” purely for it’s own sake either.