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Exploring The Possibilities for AJ Lee in Pro Wrestling Today

Former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee raised eyebrows when doing an interview with Fair Game last week.  With that interview, Lee was asked about possibly returning to the ring, in which she coyly responded with the cliché, “never say never”.

It is not a question of whether Lee would fit in with any division, whether it be WWE, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, or All Elite Wrestling.  There are also other promotions such as SHIMMER, that Lee would have no problem getting into.  It would be a matter of where she would go that would be the best fit for her.  Should Lee decide to give wrestling another shot, she has something to choose from. 

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Could it be a matter of where she would be happier at?  Or perhaps she could choose a promotion that could benefit from her inclusion the most.  There is no doubt that any company would benefit from Lee’s addition to their rosters.  Since Lee’s retirement from the ring, there have been major changes, especially in what is considered a complete overhaul for Women’s Pro Wrestling.  Let’s explore some of these possibilities.

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All Elite Wrestling would no doubt bask in glory if Lee would go “all in” with the prospering company.  Talent such as Britt Baker, Kylie Rae, and even those such as Riho and Bea Priestly would be great contenders.  Seeing Lee challenge authority by tangling with Brandi Rhodes wouldn’t be a bad idea either. 

Of course, Lee certainly has unfinished business in WWE.  WWE is where Lee is best known, and arguable one of the “divas” that ignited what is the “Women’s Evolution” today.  While those before Lee have paved the way for the WWE Women’s Division, she is recognized for putting forth the demand for change. 

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The Bella Twins are long gone from the squared circle, but many fans would salivate at the dream matches that could be presented should Lee return to WWE.  AJ Lee versus the likes of Asuka, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch are just a taste of what could be realized one day. 

Lee was just a little over three months shy of seeing the start of the Divas Revolution in the summer of 2015.  She retired from the ring in April, shortly after WrestleMania 31.  While the Women’s Division has been completely reinvigorated, the company has publicly given Lee the cold shoulder in terms of not recognizing her part of the turnaround. 

So the cliché of “never say never” certainly applies if Lee found her way back into WWE.  Considering the fallout with her husband, CM Punk, stranger things have certainly happened when it comes to shocking returns.  Bret Hart returned to the company as did The Ultimate Warrior just before his sudden passing.  The former Alundra Blayze also made amends with the company.

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