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Kelly Kelly becomes the first woman to win the 24/7 Championship

RAW Reunion is in full swing and we have the first-ever woman to win the 24/7 Champion and it is Kelly Kelly. She won the title from Gerald Brisco after he defeated Pat Patterson. Kelly would become the fourth person to win the title in the night after Drake Maverick started the title changes.

Since Kelly won the title she went up to Candice Michelle backstage in celebration. Michelle was standing by Melina and Naomi. Melina stated that she just got her license — her referee license.

Michelle pins Kelly to become the new 24/7 Champion.

Within moments Alundra Blayze snuck up behind Michelle and locked her in a chokehold which caused her to tap out.

Blayze is the current 24/7 Champion, but as she stated she won’t be for long.

Update: Alundra Blayze makes her way out to the commentary table. She attempts to throw the 24/7 Championship into the trash can. The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase makes his way out to the stage. He buys the title off of Blayze who now is no longer champion.

Check back in with Diva Dirt to see if any other women become the 24/7 Champion.

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