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    Five SummerSlam matches that are a must-see

    SummerSlam 2018 –

    Carmella (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch SmackDown Women’s Championship

    Much like the tale of the Bella Twins betrayal the aftermath of this triple threat was the stepping stone for the transition from “The Lasskicker” to “The Man”. Carmella headed into this as the champion which normally would give her a disadvantage in this type of match-up. Fortunately for her, she played on the strife that was between best “tea” friends Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

    Flair and Lynch spent a lot of time leading up to SummerSlam convincing one another that although they are going to be fighting against each other their friendship would stay in-tact. Just as with most triple threat matches the action was fast-paced with many near falls being broken up.

    With Lynch highly relying on her Dis-arm-her she attempted at different points in the match to put away both opponents. At a moment where the crowd thought Lynch was in mere seconds to win championship gold by causing Carmella to tap out, Flair crushed those dreams for her bestie. Flair hits Natural Selection on Lynch to break up the hold on Carmella and the win for The Queen.

    The aftermath is what caused many fans jaws to drop. Although it was expected that this match and build up would cause a strain on Lynch and Flair’s friendship most didn’t expect for Lynch to be the one to turn. Lynch attacked Flair to start one of the biggest rivalries of the modern era.

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